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Fat Transfer Buttocks: Better Understand the Technique

Published on 02/08/2019Fat Transfer Buttocks: Better Understand the Technique

Define contour, fine tune, highlight and increase volume. Many people are not satisfied with their glutes. For this, lipotransfer appears as a great solution, as it has many advantages, as presented below:

  • Fast recovery;
  • Short intervention;
  • Lasting results;
  • There is no risk of rejection.


What is the gluteal lipotransfer process like?

Fat grafting is performed in conjunction with body contour liposuction, as it is necessary to collect sufficient fat to fill the upper gluteal area.

The gluteal filling is done in the upper area so that, in addition to an increase, there is an elevation of the whole area together, reducing the fold below the gluteus, called the inferior gluteus sulcus. The increase of the inferior gluteus groove is what really shows the region's fall and aging.

Postoperative care of gluteal lipotransference:

  • The patient is discharged a few hours after the procedure;
  • It is normal for some bruising to appear in the treated area;
  • It is necessary to use the elastic band for 15 to 20 days;
  • Rest time will be recommended according to your case;
  • Sudden movements and physical exercise are prohibited;
  • Some lymphatic drainage sessions are important.

The results of gluteal lipotransference can be noticed after a few weeks, however, not completely until about one year after the intervention. It is important to have a trustworthy doctor and team that will perform the procedure, so research and talk a lot with the chosen professional.

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