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Silicone breast implants: know all shapes

Published on 14/06/2019Silicone breast implants: know all shapes

Suitable for those who have small breasts and want to enlarge them, inserting silicone prostheses has become one of the most sought after procedures in the doctor's office in recent years. Read this article and understand better about breast implants.

Dissatisfaction with one's own body is an evil that affects not only women, but men as well. And when it affects self-esteem it becomes a clinical problem and the need arises for a plastic surgeon.

Whether to improve self-esteem, end sagging or just to value the neck there are various types of silicone prostheses formats.

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Main formats of silicone prostheses

Rounded prostheses

Considered the best, rounded breast implants allow a better contour for the breasts. With them, the surgeon can enlarge, reduce, lift and reshape the breasts.

Anatomical prostheses

Also known as pear shaped prostheses, it is inserted into the underside of the breast. It can enlarge the breast without losing the natural contour. Widely used in breast reconstruction surgery, it is indicated for women without sagging and proportional breasts.

Conical prostheses

Of all the available formats, this one makes it look more natural. It provides projection without increasing the volume. It is indicated for women who have chest and shoulders narrower than the hip.

Silicone Prosthetics for Men

More and more men have been turning to plastic surgery clinics. The male pectoral prosthesis arose from the need to treat men who had Poland syndrome, in which the pectoral muscles did not develop.

Unlike the shapes of prostheses for women, silicone prostheses for men are square. For them, the cut begins in the armpits and the stiffness of the prostheses is greater due to the desired effects on the muscles.

The important is that there are several ways to improve your lap and highlight the best of each. So always look for a plastic surgeon. He will be able to guide what will be best for you.

If there is any doubt, schedule an appointment with Dr. Petrônio and certify the best result.

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