Reduction mammoplasty

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After puberty, the breasts have a rigid consistency due to the predominance of the mammary gland in its composition. Over the years, there is a natural replacement of the mammary gland by fat inside the breasts, reducing its consistency and causing a tendency to ptosis (fall) of the same. Some factors accelerate this process such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and large weight gains followed by weight loss. 

Reduction mammoplasty may be indicated for the reduction of large breasts or to reposition fallen (ptosis) breasts when referring to surgeries such as mastopexyMastopexy is often associated with a silicone breast implant, providing greater consistency to the breasts and replacing the volume lost over the years. During surgery it is also possible to correct any asymmetries, of size or positioning (one breast more sagging than the other, for example). 

Anesthesia Type: 

Epidural or general anesthesia, depending on the case and whether or not associated with other surgeries. 

Surgical technique: 

There are numerous surgical techniques described for performing breast reduction and mastopexy. Each of these techniques has its advantages and disadvantages and the most appropriated one will be indicated by your plastic surgeon after thorough medical consultation. Thus, we may have variations in the type and extent of the scar, depending on each case to be operated. The most often techniques for breast reduction and mastopexy leave an inverted T-shaped scar, that is, vertical from the areola and horizontal in the groove between the breast and chest. Some reduction mammoplasty and mastopexy can be performed leaving only the vertical or peri-areolar scar, however this can only be decided during medical appointment. 

Length of hospital stay: 

Usually 24 hours. 


You are advised to avoid physical activity for at least 30 days, do not raise or move your arms too much during the first 3 weeks, period in which you will not be allowed to drive either. The surgical bra should be worn for at least 2 months, in the 1st month it is necessary to wear it 24 hours a day and in the 2nd month, there is only need to wear in some periods of the day. Its use is important for a faster decrease of postoperative edema and for better scar quality, since conventional bras have metallic rims that can interfere with the quality of healing. 

Important: pain is unlikely to occur, but during the first few days, there is discomfort, which easily subsides with the use of common painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Breast tenderness may occur in the first few months, but usually returns to normal within 6 months. In cases of pregnancy after surgery, breastfeeding is usually normal and the permanence of the mammoplasty result will depend greatly on the weight gain obtained during pregnancy. The greater this weight gain, the more likely it is that breasts will drop after returning to pre-pregnancy weight. Importantly, some loss of volume and consistency in the breasts usually occur after periods of breastfeeding. 

Possible complications 

It is possible to mention some possible complications in reduction mammoplasty, such as: 

  • Occurrence of hematoma, seroma and infection;
  • Asymmetric result;
  • Necrosis of the areola;
  • And anesthetic complications.


The result of reduction mammoplasty, as in all cosmetic surgeries, will depend on the reaction of the patient's body and zeal with the preoperative and postoperative indications. 

Preoperative Recommendations 

  • Fasting at least 8 hours before surgery, including water, avoiding drinks and overeating on the days preceding the procedure;
  • Smokingshould be stopped30 days before surgery; 
  • Communicate changes in health and medication use on the eve of surgery;
  • Do not wear dark colored nail polish on the day of surgery and avoid wearing jewelry, watches and watches;
  • Attend surgery with a companion.



In the first 2 months after surgery the breasts become swollen and in a different shape from the definitive one. By the 3rd month the swelling decreases by at least 70%. As for the shape, after three months there will be a tilting movement in the breast, providing a rounded shape to the lower region of the breast, which is slightly flattened after surgery. As for the scar, in the first months it has a reddish and hardened appearance, but gradually becomes clearer, also depending on the patient's genetics. In summary, we can state that the definitive result of mammoplasty will be achieved between 6 months and 1 year after surgery. 

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